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The one who never gives up – the story of Glen Christiansen

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Many of you may still remember the 1980 summer Olympics in Moscow and the excellent performance of the Hungarian team. They claimed a total of 32 medals one of the silver medals was clinched by Alban Vermes, who entered 200m breaststroke this Saturday against Glen Christiansen, just like he did back in the time in Moscow. In the 60-64 age group of men Alban finished 6th, while Swede Glen touched in 4th.

It is his road to today's race, what makes Glen Christiansen so interesting. He had a terrible accident four years ago, but he managed to fight his way back to swimming at this high level.

He quitted professional swimming at the age of 25. His best result was a silver medal he earned in a medley event in Split, at the 1981 European Swimming Championships. At 29 he resumed swimming and he was swimming actively until 2013, when he had a stroke in Tenerife, he fell and his skull was fractured. He was rushed to Hamburg by air and doctors kept him in induced coma for three weeks.

„I was a 15-time masters world champion before the accident. When I woke up, my left side was paralysed. Then I attended rehab and did everything step-by-step. I thank God that I can be here, participating in this year’s masters.”

Glen finished 4th in his race, previously he wasn't really happy about such a placement, but now he definitely is.

He really likes the city of Budapest and praises the organisation and overall standard of the Masters Championships.

He also told us, the key to a healthy life and staying fit is daily routine. You have to do something each day. He told there is no day for him without running, swimming, stretching, doing push-ups and sit-ups.

Needless to say, he remembers Alban Vermes, his great rival from 1980.

„He’s a great swimmer! I’m really glad I met him and raced against him again.” – told the Swedish sportsman.