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Water polo: draws for the World Championships have been conducted, Millennium will play Italy and Turkey

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The 17th FINA World Masters Championships kick off on 7 August, headcount limit has been reached, a total of 120 teams will enter. Hajós Alfréd Complex will stage 357 matches, the programme starts as early as 8 a.m., Hungary’s men’s team of Olympic champions will play its group matches at 7 in the evening.

Draws for the 17th FINA World Masters Championships have been conducted in Duna Arena. Ed Evelly President of FINA Masters Committee, Kurt Mikkola Honorary Secretary, Dávid Benedikti Competition Director of the Masters water polo tournament and Attila Vári Masters Coordinator of the World Championships Organising Committee (Olympic champion in Sydney and Athens, attending the tournament as an entrant, as well, being a member of team Millenium in 40+ category) have participated in the draw.

A total of 102 men’s teams have registered for the tournament, largest age groups include 45+ and 50+, where 16-16 teams will enter, but quite a high number of teams (14) will participate in 40+ category, also. A curiosity of the tournament is the attendance of various countries, such as Belarus, Ukraine, Colombia, Argentina, Finland, Moldova and Estonia.

Women’s tournament will feature 18 teams, 7 clubs in 30+ category, 7 teams in 35+, 40+ and 45+ categories and 4 teams in 50+, 55+ and 60+ categories. In addition to teams from traditional water polo nations the tournament will feature ladies from Colombia, Czech Republic and Ireland, as well.

Due to the high number of teams the 7-day tournament will have a quite tight and extended schedule for each pool, 56 matches will be held in the first two days, 54 games will take place on the third one, the last day will have the most open schedule with 40 matches „only”. The World Championships will feature a total of 357 matches, such an extended tournament has never been staged on Margaret Island before and most definitely on the international stage, either.  

Highest interest is attracted to men’s 40+ age group, matches are divided into 4 groups:

Group A: Pampas (Argentina), WC Somovi (Serbia), Triangle Water Polo (US)
Group B: Millennium (Hungary), Pallanuoto Milano A.S. Dilett (Italy), Galatasaray (Turkey)
Group C: Masters Rio Waterpolo Club (Brazil), OSC Senior (Hungary), Belarus Master (Belarus), Sport Club Brenntag (Romania)
Group D: Water Polo Dinamo Kijev (Ukraine), Oázis SC (Hungary), St. Petersburg (Russia), Darkside (US)

As you can see, in addition to the team of olympic champions two more Hungarian teams, OSC and Oázis will also play in the groups.

Group matches of Millennium:

7 p.m. Monday, 7 August: Millennium HUN–Galatasaray
7 p.m. Tuesday, 8 August: Millennium HUN–Pallanuoto Milano

Altogether 14 Hungarian men’s teams will attend the tournament, MC Walrus Budapest 55+ will also feature an Olympic champion, namely Attila Sudár. Olympic silver medallist and world champion Zoltán Kásás will play in the American team Blue Thunder Masters.

Hungarian men’s teams at the Masters:

MAFC Masters (30+), Neptun VSC (30+), ESE 80 (35+), Hungarian Bull’s Blood (35+), Millennium HUN (40+), Oázis SC (40+), OSC Senior (40+), Budai LTD (45+), Tungsram (45+), Ybl-Octopus (45+), Happy Hippos (50+), Sunday Boys (50+), Sunday Boys (55+), MC Walrus Budapest (55+)

As for the women’s tournament, Budakalászi SC featuring several world and European champions, including Mercédesz Stieber, Rita Drávucz, Ágnes Primász, Kata Rédei, Orsolya Szalkay will enter 30+ category and the same applies to Bánki VSE.

Teams of the age group: Budakalászi SC (Hungary), The Olympic Club (US), KINEF Kirishi (Russia), English Roses Masters Water ERME (Great Britain), Bánki VSE (Hungary), Bay Area Masters (US), Eimsbütteler Turnverband (Germany)

The Masters water polo tournament – and the whole Masters Championships- may be attended free of charge, however, for events staged in Hajós Alfréd Complex (and for swimming meets in Duna Arena) preliminary registration is required. Registration opens on 1 August via, the Organising Committee will publish further information later.

See the entire water polo programme here.