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Water polo: Zoltán Kásás to enter the World Championships

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Olympic silver medallist of Munich, 1972, world champion title holder of Beograd, 1973, European champions of Vienna, 1974 and renowned coach Zoltán Kásás decided to enter the 17th World Masters Championships as a member of the team competing in the 70+ category. He is attached to the event anyway since his three-time Olympic champion son, Tamás Kásás will also enter the tournament staged in Hajós Alfréd National Swimming Stadium.

As we have reported earlier, 120 teams will enter the 17th FINA World Masters Championships water polo tournament. The headcount limit was reached before the application period terminated. There will be some peculiarities, especially for the Hungarian audience since several world and European champion women water polo players will enter and the tournament will feature the men’s water polo team composed of one, two and three-time Olympic champions in the 40+ category.

Photo: Zoltán Pitrolffy

The series of events in the 70+ category will most definitely be a curiosity, they will be the eldest participants of the Championships including the team of friends called Blue Thunder. The team will feature Zoltán Kásás Olympic silver medallist, world and European champion water polo player.  

„In fact, back then we had a Masters team and we achieved some notable results. We gained world champion title in Casablanca, 1998, in Munich, 200 and then I played in the same pool as in the 1972 Olympics so that was quite an experience for me. Initiated by an American friend of mine an international team is being formed now featuring members of various nationalities, including an Australian one and the Australian goalkeeper comes from Bratislava by the way” – said Zoltán Kásás, who worked as the head coach of the national team between 1987 and 1989, then he was a coach in a club, he won the Champions League with the Serbian Becej and the Greek Olympiacos (on Margaret Island actually) and he won the LEN Cup with Szeged.

„Masters tournaments always have a special atmosphere since no question, everyone fights for victory but it is quite common that after matches players have a beer or two together and exchange their thoughts about things. This is how it should be. There is only one „problem” with water polo:  in a Masters football tournamnet players can have an enjoyable pace of playing and can run comfortably, at a basketball match players can throw the ball in the basket every now and then but in the don’t have a choice but you have to swim really. I swim every single day, I had a small pause due to some health issues but I have resumed recently. As far as I know now, the team will train in Pöstyén, Slovakia from the beginning of August so we will prepare for the tournament properly. My son is preparing, as well, and I am convinced that the grandstands will be fully crowded during their matches” – added Zoltán Kásás.

The 17th FINA World Masters Championships will commence on 7 August and finish on 20 staged by Hajós Alfréd National Swimming Stadium.