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The Danube Arena has debuted on the international stage

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Representatives of the FINA Masters Committee have visited the venues and future sites of the 17th FINA World Masters Championships (taking place between 7 and 20 August) at the occasion of the LEN Champions League Final Six hosted by Budapest. They were content to see the preparations for the World Championships.

The LEN Champions League Final Six was hosted between 25 and 27 May by the Danube Arena, serving as the key venue of the 17th FINA Masters this summer. For the facility’s international debut representatives of water polo as well as key members and stakeholders of LEN and FINA have attended the event.

Honorary Secretary of the FINA Masters Committee, Kurt Mikkola, former Chairman of the Water Polo Technical Committee, Dr. Haluk Toygarli and a member of the FINA Masters Committee, Simon Rothwell have visited Budapest at the invitation of LEN.

In addition to informal and friendly discussions with members of the World Masters Championships Organising Committee the guests made a site visit in the Danube Arena – hosting the swimming and diving events in August – and in the City Park venue, where the synchronised swimming tournament will take place.

Representatives of these international federations got an insight into the details of organising the upcoming World Championships, up-to-date figures and data (in fact, quite impressive) and then parties attended the two water polo matches on Thursday night in the Danube Arena.

The Organising Committee has informed that all three of them have expressed satisfaction, they were particularly amazed by the venues of the Danube Arena and the City Park and the atmosphere of the two facilities.

Registration to the 17th FINA World Masters Championships is open until 29 June, about 9500 registrations have been received so far thus most likely the attendance will break previous records.