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Hungarian favourites in the Danube Arena

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The diving events of the 17th FINA World Masters Championships will be held from 7 to 13 August in the Danube Arena. Hungarian fans will have the opportunity to support plenty of domestic competitors. We share the stories of three female masters athletes.

Szilvia Sárközy enters with her former coachee in Budapest

Szilvia Sárközy was a gymnast for 10 years in her childhood, she fell in love with diving during the 1992 Olympics. She had some great results in major youth competitions, and her love for sport made her decide to apply for the sport management course at the University of Physical Education in Budapest and she made a degree in coaching as well.

From 1998 on she was not only competing in diving, but worked as a coach, too. She took part in the FINA World Masters Championships in 2004 for the first time, when she won gold in 1 and 3m springboard events. She finished first the following year at the European Masters Championships as well.

She gave birth to her first child, Bálint in December, 2006. She won three silver medals less than a year later at the 2007 European Masters in Slovenia.

She helped with the preparation of some young athletes for the locally hosted European Youth Championships in 2009. Anna Bogyay was one of them them, who will be Sárközy’s partner in the 3m synchronised event. She did not give up training even after the birth of her second child, and won gold medal at the 2010 FINA World Masters in 1m and 3m springboard as well as in the 10m platform event.

She participated in the 2012 FINA World Masters primarily as a coach, but she entered the 1m springboard competition, too, where she finished second. A lot of athletes she prepared won some medals as well.

Andrea Farkas: Diving has become a passion for me.

Andrea Farkas turns 61 during the 17th FINA World Masters Championships and she emphasizes that diving has become a passion for her in the last couple of decades. As a professional competitor she won some gold medals both in the Hungarian Youth Championships and the Hungarian Senior Championships, so she had a relatively successful career.

She had three children already when she accidentally became aware of the 1989 World Masters Games, held in Denmark. She had a couple of months for the preparation only, so she felt really happy that she could still win gold. She became much more confident, and entered the European Masters Championships the same year in Finland, where she won two gold medals.

The gold medal of the FINA World Masters Championships had been missing from her collection for a long time, since these events were usually held overseas, and she could not afford travelling and accommodation costs.

"It was not a crucial question for me, I continued to go to the swimming pool regularly, but of course I was dreaming a lot of becoming a world champion. My dream finally came true in 2012, when I took part at the FINA World Masters in Riccione, and I won the gold medal. " – Andrea Farkas said.

She had spine surgery, so she had to suspend diving and her other big passion, riding, but since then she has returned to the pool, the place where she really feels at home.

Magdolna Haász, who loves "flying" in the pool

Magdolna Haász is the oldest female member of the Hungarian masters diving team, who had not done any sport before getting acquainted with diving. She learned swimming only over 50, despite the fact that her daughter, Katalin Haász (the coach of Hungarian number one diver Villő Kormos) is a former Olympian.

She had thought about what it would be like to dive and in 2009 a masters group was established in her daughter’s club, where adults had the opportunity to get to know this beautiful sport. At that time her grandchild was a diver, as well.

In the first training sessions she could hardly jump from the pool side, but soon she fell in love with the feeling of "flying" from 3 or 5 metres. Regular training paid off and she won the silver medal at the 2012 European Masters Championships.