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Tüske Pool opened on Sunday

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Tünde Szabó dr. Secretary of State for Sport of the Ministry of Human Resource called the “Tüske-Pool” an important place for preparing to Rio.

Until to finish the new swimming-pool next year - which is going to be introduced at the FINA World Championship- but after that as well “Tüske swimming- pool” -opened on Sunday- will have a key-role . Its fulfilment is very similar to the “Várkert Bazár”, which was unfrequented for a long time, but got renewed in the near past. Thinks Tünde Szabó dr.  Secretary of State for Sports of the Ministry of Human Resources.

“We had passed for long years or better to say, for long decades every day sadly the “The Castle Garden Bazaar” -which belongs to the UNESCO World- Heritage- and waited to be nice and attractive again. Our wish came true two years ago, and we can be proud, that it became a touristic attraction again after reconstruction. It is a perfect place for the universally culture, and it gives place for high-standard occasions. The newly opened “Tüske swimming-pool” and the “Tüske Csarnok” -opened 15 months ago- have other function, and look  comapare to the“The Castle Garden Bazaar”, but as Secretary of State for Sports of the Ministry of Human Resources I compare enthusiastically these sport venues to the Bazaar, because we waited for them so long, but today it is a pleasure to look at them and get inside.” – said Tünde Szabó dr..

As a former well known swimmer, the silver medallist of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, the World Championship in Perth, and the European Championship in Athens, thinks this venue optimises the position of the Hungarian Swim-Sport. Dr. Tünde Szabó highlighted how important is such a swimming pool some month before the Olympic Games.

“People, who just a little understand the venues- pretension, and possibilities of swimming and other water sports, know what it means to open a new pool, and to have ten more courses for trainings and competitions. In my opinion, it is amazing to offer opportunities not just for competitive sport in this swimming-pool in Új-Buda (New-Buda) but to the university- and recreational sport as well.  The opening came the right time as possible, because the “Tüske-pool” has special facilities, like the world standard camera system, with movement analysing function could be one of the most important basis to prepare for the Olympic games in Rio. Its possibilities will be more valuable after the Olympics, when the modernization of the “Császár-” “Komjádi-” and “Alfréd Hajós-” pool will begin. The first two pools will be training facilities, and the Hajós Alfréd- Pool will be a competition venue for the FINA World Championship 2017, starting at the 14th July 2017."

Photos by József Szaka