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Working for the success of the FINA World Championships

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Leading the BP2017 Ltd. is thought to be the biggest challenge of the career of Szántó Éva

"It's the biggest chellange of my sport manager career, no doubt. I changed the seat of the general secretary in the Hungarian Swimming Federation to the executive director of the FINA World Championships. The team must work really hard in the next two years, because on the contrary of the original plans the event is in 2017 and nott in 2021."- said Szántó Éva, the head of  the Budapest2017 Nonprofit Ltd, what is responsible for the WCH.

Szántó Éva comes from the rowing sport. After a successful sportcareer and managing the Hungarian Rowing Federation, she was active as an international delegate when she moved to the swimmers. " I still follow my old sport, but the duties what i face to is uncompareable. It's simple the biggest event in the Hungarian history. And that's what motivates us altough we exactly know what this event requires from us. We have a huge responsibility, and we have already been working closely together with the OC, with the president Mr Seszták Miklós and the co-president Mr Gyárfás Tamás and the leaders of the different areas. I am still planning to hire other people who has huge experiences in organizing big sportevents. "