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Water polo: the number of registrants is soon reaching the limit, it is recommended to finish registration

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There has been great interest in the water polo tournament of the 17th FINA World Masters Championships, because of the limit teams intending to enter the event shall soon finish their registration. This summer may see the highest number of attendants in the history of the World Masters Championships in water polo.

Considering the tradition and prestige of water polo in Hungary, the great popularity of the discipline (and the accessibility of Budapest) it is no surprise that one of the most attended venues of the 17th FINA World Championships would be Hajós Alfréd National Swimming Complex hosting the water polo tournament for men’s age groups in addition to certain swimming events.

The choice of venue for the tournament was quite obvious, the Stadium is an iconic venue of water polo, a sort of Wimbledon or cathedral of water polo so to say which served as the cradle of Olympic and world champion generations with a hint of Margaret island’s magic.

Based on the decision by the Organising Committee the maximum number of water polo teams to enter is 120, because this way the safe and high quality conduct of matches can be ensured.

Registration is open currently in the GMS system of FINA and as of now, the number of registered teams is approaching the limit. Some teams have expressed their intention to enter, but it is important to note that registration is complete only if the administrative process is finished.

The Organising Committee needed to set the limit of 120 teams, a decision both pleasant and unpleasant. Hence organisers of the World Masters Championships water polo tournament recommend finishing registration for those who definitely want to enter.

The Organising Committee may accept the application of the first 120 registrations with ”submitted” status only.

Paying the registration fee has several benefits during the World Championships period in addition to granting the opportunity to enter:

- the use of the means of public transport in Budapest is free of charge,
- discounted accommodation prices are available in hotels indicated by the Organising Committee.

Based on preliminary feedback the water polo tournament this summer may become one of the most entertaining ones. Certainly, there is a reasonable chance of it, especially if we consider that the Hungarian water polo team consisting of the members of one of the most successful generations will also enter.

The team of three-time, two-time and one-time Olympic champions of the 2000s will enter the tournament in the +40 category under the name of Millenium. As for women, world and European champion water polo players will participate in the event therefore both men and women players will be in the centre of attention in the tournament.