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Masters WCH: free admission for those registering in advance

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The 17th FINA Masters World Championships – reflecting the mission of the event, similarly to previous masters tournaments – can be attended free of charge thus spectators can follow masters athletes in Budapest and Balatonfüred without purchasing entry tickets. However, registration is the prerequisite of entry. The Organising Committee will provide more details on registration soon. It is also possible to register as an accompanying person through the FINA GMS-system which status has a lot of advantages.

Organisers expect more than 15 000 athletes to attend the 17th FINA Masters World Championships in Budapest and Balatonfüred. If predictions become reality 2017 would see the greatest masters tournament of all time.

Athletes will be accompanied by attendants (friends, family, coaches, sports administrators) so quite an enormous jamboree can be expected between 7 and 20 August in the capital city and Balatonfüred. Especially if this huge amount of people will be joined by spectators, fans or aquatics enthusiasts.

Based on International Swimming Federation (FINA) directives and previous practice the Masters World Championships will welcome spectators free of charge so it is not necessary to purchase tickets to enter the Danube Arena (swimming, diving), Alfréd Hajós National Swimming Stadium (swimming, water polo), the temporary arena (synchronised swimming) established in the area of the Városliget City Park Ice Rink and the competition centre in Balatonfüred (open water swimming).

However, it shall be noted that due to security and professional (sports) considerations prior registration is required for all venues (with regards to their capacity) in order to ensure smooth conduct of events and matches.

(In case of +40 category matches by the Hungarian water polo team called Millenium, consisting of Olympic champions, due to the extremely high expected attendance registration is strictly justified.)

Registration allows for safe entry to venues. Registration is complete after the confirmation email is received.

For friends, relatives and helpers of the athletes and teams of the Masters World Championships, the Organizing Committee recommends registering in the GMS system, because the official "accompanying" status has several benefits:

Upon paying the registration fee you will be entitled to:

- Free use of all public transport in Budapest.
- Discounted hotel prices; available through the LOC website.
- Special prices for various attractive cultural programmes during the event.
- Free use of the dedicated train to the open water events, held in Balatonfüred and back to Budapest.

The Organising Committee will provide detailed information about the registration process for supporters and spectators of the Masters World Championships in Budapest and Balatonfüred later, in summer.