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On the way to attendance record at the Masters World Championships in August!

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Almost seven thousand competitors (6712) have registered so far for the 17th Fina Masters World Championships to be held between 7-20 August. According to the organisers approximately 15-thousand sportsmen may demonstrate in Budapest that sport does not depend on age.

The registration period started at the end of January and it will terminate on 29th June, the number of registrants is already half of the estimated headcount, so apparently the expectations of the organisers seem to become reality. Competitors above the age of 25 are eligible for the Masters World Championships provided they belong to any of the sport clubs recognised by national federations under the aegis of FINA. The current attendance record was made at the world championships in Riccione in 2012, where 12.671 sportsmen participated.

The camp of swimmers is expected to be the largest again; five and a half thousand swimmers have applied to compete in the pools of Duna Arena and Hajós Alfréd National Swimming Complex as well as in the largest lake of Hungary in Balatonfüred. Almost 1 thousand of them have chosen open water swimming and 4 and a half thousand go for the classic version. Due to the fact that Hungary hosts the event almost 700 Hungarian swimmers are expected, among them multiple Masters world and European champions and Olympic champions.

Concerning diving the number of registered participants has reached 131, among them some above the age of 70 and 80 are expected to prove their skills, also.

The number of snychronised swimmers has exceeded the treshold of 300, organisers count on the double of the current headcount of 332 applicants. Since the world championships are held in Budapest, the number of Hungarian competitors has increased compared to that of previous Masters events and great interest is demonstrated by the international field including American, Canadian and Japanese swimmers. 

Besides swimming water polo can be considered as the second most popular sport in the Masters World Championships, almost 800 water polo players have registered implying that the number of teams is about 70, however, the registration of a team is official only when all of their players are registered, so currently there are 29 full teams. Regarding women’s teams Hungary is represented by world and European champion players, too.

If you are available in the middle of August, you are welcome to indulge in an uplifting and soul-stirring experience at the 17th FINA Masters World Championships. We believe that senior age heroic athletes will have a huge and inspiring impact on everybody proving that it is never too late to take up a sport.