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Ybl-Octopus aims for gold at the 2017 FINA World Masters

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The FINA World Masters Championships is a very special event since not nations but different clubs can enter the competitions. Ybl-Octopus will be one of the big favourites in the 45+ category of the men’s water polo tournament. Many players of the team participated in the 2013 and the 2016 European Masters Championships as well.

The men’s water polo tournament will be one of the most spectacular events of the 17. FINA World Masters Championships that will be held from 7 to 20 August in Budapest and Balatonfüred. More and more Hungarian teams register for the competition, like Hungarian Ybl-Octopus that will be among the favourites in the 45+ category.

"We could not have start two separate teams in this category, so we decided to start a common team with Octopus" – said István Csapó, captain of Ybl Waterpolo Club.

"Many of us took part in the 2013 and the 2016 European Masters Championships with the team of Ybl. We entered the 40+ category, and we were unfortunate on both occasions, because we were drawn into a very tough group, so we did not have the chance to play for a medal. Most of the players are over 45 know, so we decided to change to the category 45+."

Ybl Waterpolo Club that play in the Budapest Championship will be represented by nine players at the 2017 FINA World Masters:  Róbert Csányi, Gábor Csizmazia, Gábor Csurgó, Zoltán Dávid, István Juhász, Attila Köllő, Csaba Marót and Zsolt Szilágyi.

Octopus WP Club will be represented by László Bólya, Károly Lihotzky, Zoltán Nyíri and Zsolt Varga. They will be joined by former European champion and world vice-champion Frank Tóth (who used to play in multiple world and European masters champion Vidám Vízilovak – Happy Hippos) and Gábor Pulay of Hungarian third league participant Egri Vízmű.

„We all play in very strong championships, we train regularly, we have at least two players for all positions, so we hope for a medal, but our main goal is the gold medal.”

Csapó thinks the American and Australian teams will be their main rivals. The players of Ybl-Octopus will concentrate on the domestic competitions in the next two months, and they will start the preparation for the World Championships in June.

„Zoltán Nyíri, Gábor Pulay, Frank Tóth and Zsolt Varga exactly know how to achieve a good result at a World Masters Championships, since they have already won the gold medal with Happy Hippos, who will enter the 50+ category this time. It will be fantastic to play in front of a domestic crowd, family members and friends, so we can not wait for this major event” – István Csapó added.

The roster of Ybl-Octopus for the 17th FINA World Masters Championships

László Bólya, István Csapó, Róbert Csányi, Gábor Csizmazia, Gábor Csurgó, Zoltán Dávid, István Juhász, Attila Köllő, Károly Lihotzky, Csaba Marót, Zoltán Nyíri, Gábor Pulay, Zsolt Szilágyi, Frank Tóth, Zsolt Varga. Coach: Imre Péter. Team leader: Gabriella Várkonyi