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Hungarian Bull’s Blood is ready for another big triumph

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The FINA World Masters Championships is a very special event since not nations but different clubs can enter the competitions. Hungarian Bull’s Blood will be one of the big favourites in the 35+ category of the men’s water polo tournament. Many players of the team are two-time European masters champions, and their goal is to win the gold medal at the world masters championships in Budapest as well.

The men’s water polo tournament will be one of the most spectacular events of the 17. FINA World Masters Championships that will be held from 7 to 20 August in Budapest and Balatonfüred. More and more Hungarian teams register for the competition, like Hungarian Bull’s Blood that will be a big favourite for the gold medal in the 35+ category.


Leader of the team is European junior and Euro League champion Attila Bárány, who has been executive chairman of three-time Hungarian champion Eger for six years. The 38-year-old former water polo player was member of the team called Demeter Eger that won the gold medal at the 2013 European Masters in Budapest, and achieved the same result three years later in Rijeka. Bárány and his teammates are ready to fight for gold at the 2017 FINA World Masters Championships as well.

”This is a companionship. We all love water polo, we used to play together and we are roughly the same age” – Attila Bárány said.

”Four years ago the team had only nine players, now we have a 13-team squad and even a coach: my former teammate, Sándor Sugár won the Euro League with Domino Honvéd in 2004. We have players from Eger and Budapest, everyone used to play in the Hungarian first league. One of our teammates lives in the United States.”

Masters water polo teams from all around the world show great interest in the 17. FINA World Masters, so the crowd will have the opportunity to watch some very good matches on Margaret Island from 7 to to 13 August. Hungarian Bull’s Blood will definitely meet some old rivals in Budapest.

”In Rijeka we met a couple of strong teams like Jadran and Partizan. We played really good matches against them, and they will probably come to Budapest as well. Our main goal is to have fun, but when we are in the pool, we take it very seriously and want to win at all hazards. 35+ is one of the toughest category, so it will not be easy” – Bárány added.

Former player of Honvéd and Eger has a long-range plan, too: he wants Eger to be host of the European Masters Championships in a couple of years. The new Bárány Pool would be an ideal venue for that event.

The roster of Hungarian Bull’s Blood for the 17th FINA World Masters Championships

Attila Bárány, Miklós Bereczki, Tamás Békés, Szabolcs Binder, András Boncföldi, Péter Bozsik, Szabolcs Csáki, Gábor Gombos, Gábor Helembai, Róbert Kovács, Roland Mányai, Dániel Ofner, Balázs Pelle. Coach: Sándor Sugár.