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Water polo: world class girls in the pool again!

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Mercedes Stieber, Aniko Pelle, Ágnes Kis- Primász, Laura Gruber… not a bad group of women water polo players. The girls collected 8 world champion medals and 17 European Champion medals in the last 26 years. This number can grow because they will compete at the Masters Championships 7-20 of August.

The one, who got this awesome idea, is Júlia Boros. She will be the head of the group. „Water polo still has an important role in our life. More of us are playing in the national championship, although it’s not the basis of our everyday life any more, it is still a glue. The fact that Hungary hosts the FINA World Championships this year gave us a huge motivation. The girls immediately said yes to the competition! Our goal is to motivate the youth generation and show we still can! As we competed in the national team, we were very young but know we can show as mothers what we can achieve. Our aim is to win this championship, that’s why we asked Lajos Györe to be our coach. We will start in July as the Budakalászi Sport Club.”- said Júlia Boros motivated.


The team is full with international players. The biggest star is Mercedes Stieber, no offense. The two-times world champion Mercedes Stieber works in Italy as a coach, and she used to play here. As well as Aniko Pelle, who is world and European Champion too and comes home from Sicily to collect more medals. We cannot leave out Kata Rédei, who won World Championships in 1994 and European Championship title in Budapest 2001.

"The love for the game brings us together, we won’t have any load on our shoulders."

The European champion, World Championships silver medallist Ágnes Kis-Primász agrees with Kata Rédei, as the Hungarian women’s team has also a great chance to win the competition just as the Spanish, Greek, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Australian and the American team.


She is, anyway, still in the wonderful circle of the water polo. Nowadays, She is the director of the water polo department in the Dunaújváros women’s water polo team. She will also jump into the water and team awaits many goals from her.

„Winning is still the most important even we did not play for ten years as teammates. It is good to think back that we could be idols to the children back then. All the moments that we have experienced together are priceless. It always gives me goosebumps, that many-many kids have started to play water polo because of our success. We will meet again in July, until then everybody practices, but many of us play in the second Hungarian league and it shapes us. I am pretty sure, this will be amazing that our team plays again. Although, every one of us thinks that the FINA World Master Championships are fun, we would also like to win the competition" – said Ágnes Primász-Kis

At the Masters European Championships in 2014, Laura Gruber won gold (just as Ágnes Kis-Primász, Orsolya Szalkay, Krisztina Zantleitner, Júlis Boros, Ildikó Sós and Kata Rédei). It was not the first time, because Laura was also a member of the European Champion team in 1991. After that, she was playing and later became a coach in Germany. Not so long ago, she came back to the team BVSC, Hungary, where she started her career. Currently, she is the right hand of the head coach Mátyás Petrovics at the women’s team, so she can help the team with her suggestions as well.

"Right now, we are 15, so every position will be filled up. One of the best player could be Mercédesz Stieber among us. At scoring, we should not have any problem as Ágnes, Anikó and Fruzsina who still plays in the Hungarian first league, are with us. It will be fantastic, that „elite” and the Masters WC will be at the Margaret Island. Almost every professional player thinks about Alfréd Hajós Complex as the Mecca of the water polo. The atmosphere and the „party” will be important for us and for the Hungarian national squads it will be marvellous that the whole country will cheer for them. I think both teams have a great chance for the final succes" – finished Laura Gruber