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2017. 08. 01 - 20.

Margaret Island, Alfréd Hajós Complex

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2017. 08. 01 - 20.

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1138 Budapest,Margitsziget

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The Hajós Alfréd National SportPool is Hungary’s first indoor swimming pool, the premiere location of domestic water sports.
The Hajós Alfréd National SportPool is Hungary’s first indoor swimming pool, the premiere location of domestic water sports. Additional to hosting competitors of all ages in various water sports - swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, diving, scuba diving, modern penthatlon, triathlon –the facilities are available to the general public as well.
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The indoor swiming pool was built in 1930, based on the plans and design by Hungary’s very first Olympic champion, Alfréd Hajós. The first outdoor pool and the diving facility was completed in 1937 and have been remodelled and extended several times since. The Margit Island SportPool was last refurbished prior to the 2006 European Swimming Championships when it was extended with an additional open, olympic size pool and another diving pool. This extension was named after legendary swim coach, Tamás Széchy. Currently 8 open or closed swimming pools and international standard diving platforms, covering nearly 80000 m2, awaits professional and recrational sportmen and women alike.

The Hajós Alfréd National SportPool was the venue to numerous major championships during the past few decades. The majority of the fans surely remember the 2001 Water Polo World Championships, the 2006 and 2010 Swimming European Championships, where among exciting battles many Hungarian victories took place. There were also a modern penthatlon European Championships in 1954 and 1999, Water Polo Chammpions’s League Final and for many years, recently, the National SportPool is the venue of the international summer Water Polo tournaments.

The „Hajós” -- as it is reffered to by the sport world in Hungary – is the focal point of domestic water sports. Of the outstanding swimmers, polo players, divers, triathlonists most prepare for their international or local showdowns here. The complex is suited to support regular trainings, traning camps, national and international competitions, Championships, Cups all year around for water sports. Also, for kids of all ages, „Hajós” hosts resident summer camps and swim camps. Teams, organizations may also find accomodation right on the venue.

In the hall of the Hajós Alfréd National SportPool the marble statues honour the names of Hungarian World and Olympic Champions in water sports.

The sport complex is located on Margit Island, a spectacular scenery itself, accessible to motorized vehichles with specific authorization only.


  • Bus #26, 1 minute walk to the main entrance
  • Trams #4-6, travelling on Bridge Margit, 8-10 minutes walk to the main entrance

Address 1138 Budapest, Margitsziget Telephone: +36-1-450-4200 e-mail: , Director of Olympic Center: Dala Tamás Facility Manager: Nagy Tímea