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2017. 08. 07 - 20.

Danube Arena

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2017. 08. 07 - 20.

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1135 Budapest, Népfürdő utca 36.

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Short story

The Dagály Swimming Complex is built on the campus of the Dagály Pool, more specifically on the north side of it.
As per the FINA executive decision in 2015, March, Hungary will host the swimming, water polo, diving, synchronized swimming and open water World Championships in 2017. To stage the World Championships Hungary committed to build a state of the art water sport complex, meeting the expectations of the XXI century, the Dagály Swimming Complex. The Dagály Swimming Complex is built on the campus of the Dagály Pool, more specifically on the north side of it.

More information

At the heart of our grand city, by the banks of River Danube the natural fountains gave life to various significant baths over the course of history. The function of the bath at the juncture of the natural scenery and the city surroundings have always represented transcendence picture in the past and will do similar in the future. If not with architecture than recreating and representing the elusiveness, like the mist at dewpoint. By reaching the elusive, a wave, an energy tide will rise the the complex functional order of space , elevating the city above the dreaded average workday. Opposite to the southern opening of the inner city, Palace of Art, the Dagály Pool aspires to be an inverse by using its spectacular scenery and be the focal of life on the nothern side of Pest. Dimensions are created by the half mile wide river and the 10 meters tall structures of the Bridge Arpad. The rigid sport functionality of the cube towards River Danube, strictly formally, explodes as waves of natural force and draws a citilike siluett. The wave component is accessible, of its high point lays down a panoramic view for the visitors. Such principles were primary when designing the Complex.

The Dagály Swimming Complex will consist of two fundamental facilities by the 2017 World Championships: a permanent building with seating capacity up to 6000 and a temporary facility, built only for the purpose of the World Championships, to host additional stands and support facilities. The main building is designed to remain a sterling structural beauty of Budapest even after the disassembly of the temporary extension. The essential purpose of the final structure was the unique ability to fill the needs of major Hungarian watersport organizations, Swimming, Water Polo, Synchronized swimming, Diving. Additionally it should provide opportunity for the general public both for engaging in water sport activities and for water related pursuit of leisure as well. Naturally, by supporting above functions the Swimming Complex should also integrate into Dagaly Pool and create further opportunities for the great masses to visit and enjoy both facilities alltogether.

Basic functions of the buildings:

Permanent facility:

  • Swimming Complex (ultimate seating capacity will reach 6000)
  • Shops, restaurants, changing rooms, other training rooms, maintanance, concessions, restrooms
  • Event area, VIP stands
  • Media booths
  • General maintenance and operation offices
  • Management offices and meeting rooms

Temporary facility:

  • Temporary stands, indor seats and supporting structures
  • Media booths, maintenance and support rooms, management and operations rooms


  • Metro line M3, from station „Forgách” street, (8-10 minutes walk to the main entrance)
  • main line buses 15 or 115-ös (bus stop is at the main entrance)
  • Tramline 1 from Árpád bridge from station „Népfürdő” (8-10 minutes walk to the main entrance)