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In relation with the FINA World Championships we chose a quote from Károly Gundel, a former master of Hungarian cuisine and hospitality, which perfectly describes the everyday challenges of athletes and chefs: “Excellence is not hereditary. Quality is not something, which is born with you. You may only become the best if you compete with the best”.

It is a great pleasure for us to receive so many positive feedbacks and reviews about local cuisine, so if it’s your first time in Hungary, make sure you try some of our dishes. In general, Hungarians like to consume different kinds of soups (as a starter/first course) for example, the world renowned Gulyás soup. Other than that we eat a lot of meat, potatoes, noodles (galuska), dumplings (nokedli, which is somewhat similar to gnocchi) as a garnish. Many of our dishes are prepared in a spicy way, the taste of which could be “soothed” with the locally popular sour cream.

In Budapest, there are currently 5 Michelin star restaurants, but on top of that, there are several other places – offering local, international, fusion kitchen and the ever so popular street food – where you can indulge in Hungarian gastronomy. Please find below a link, which lists a few restaurants, enjoy your meal: 

List of the best Hungarian Restaurants

Restaurants in the heart of Budapest